Joseph Santolucito

Joe has over 35 years in recovery and is a co-founder of Recovery In Christ Ministries. He has served as lay counselor in a number of Christian ministries including: Calvary Prison ministry visiting Florida & out of state prisons, Recovery in Christ Ministries 12 – step ( reaching out to a hurting world ) prison program in the Pinellas County jail, Board Member of Tampa Christian Helpline, and has organized various Christ-centered recovery groups and facilitated countless meetings. Joe currently serves as Vice-president on the Board of Recovery in Christ Ministries.

Joe’s favorite Scripture verse is: Matthew 6:33

Tommy Tieche

Tommy began his recovery in 2004 along with service work volunteering with Youth for Christ’s outreach to the Pinellas County Juvenile Detention Centers.  He facilitates Bible study, recovery meetings, an internet recovery presence, and works daily with others in their 12-Step recovery. He relocated to northern Florida in 2007 and has been responsible for developing and maintaining the ministry’s website. Tommy currently provides service work for the Marion County Sherriff’s Jail Program and 6th Judicial Drug Court. Tommy serves as Director for Recovery In Christ Ministries, Inc.

Tommy’s favorite Scripture verse is: Jeremiah 29:11

Cheryl Tieche

Cheryl was introduced to Recovery in Christ Ministries in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the simplicity of the spiritual principals found in the 12 Steps.  Through her Christ centered efforts she has been a great support to the ministry and to other woman in the fellowship.  Cheryl currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer of Recovery in Christ Ministries, Inc.

Cheryl’s favorite Scripture verse is: Colossians 3:23

Richard Massman (Retired)

Richard also has over 35 years in recovery and is the co-founder of Recovery In Christ Ministries. He has provided counseling in a number of Christian ministries including Youth For Christ, and served as Program Coordinator for a Christian residential treatment program for the Salvation Army. By the grace of God Richard also has served as the Director of the Tampa Christian Helpline, Commissioner for the City of Oldsmar, FL and was the Caribbean Field Coordinator for Missionary Ventures while a missionary in the West Indies and served on the Executive Committee of the Christian Recovery Network in Tampa, Florida. He is actively pursuing the production of additional recovery materials based upon his lifetime of experience and surrendered life in Jesus.  Richard continues to serve the Recovery in Christ’s Board as spiritual adviser and consultant. You are encouraged to contact Richard at: 

Richard’s favorite Scripture verse is: Galatians 2:20

Dan McCool (†) 

Dan’s journey in recovery began at the Salvation Army A.R.C. (Adult Rehabilitation Center) in Tampa, Florida. During this time, he worked the 12 steps of AA and developed an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He began to sponsor people and facilitate meetings which strengthened his growing foundation in Christ by practicing the recovery principles in all his affairs. The most important and life changing principle Dan learned was that of “surrender”, which included allowing Jesus to live his life through him (John 14:10 and Gal 2: 20). He served as Facilities Director at New Beginnings of Tampa. Dan has since passed away and is currently serving his Lord and Savior Jesus in a more personal way, yet his legacy continues to help and encourage others in recovery.

Dan’s favorite Scripture verse is: John 14:10